Modular Kitchens In Bangalore

Modular Kitchens In Bangalore

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These steel cabinets feature all metal drawers. The handles include removable labels as well as clear shields. Each drawer also holds up to 400 lbs per drawer. The full extension drawers allow you to see 100% of the drawer. You can use layout kits to further divide the drawers into many small compartments. Neat and organized storage improves efficiency as well as inventory control. The wide base opening on floor cabinets create a forklift access for you to easily move the cabinet as needed.

At Wonder Spaces, we use double side lamination process with edge banding / laser cut machines that help you cover your carcass with 0.8 mm laminate that adds life to your carcass and also gives cleaner look. Front Finish: The front finish is for the drawers and doors’ front, shutter front finishes that is the exterior part of your modular kitchen. For this you have following choices, every company gives certain amount of warranty for the same.

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